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NY Signal drawn by 3rd PlanIt


NY Signal drawn 
3rd PlanIt by Walter Griffin

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3rd PlanIt comes with an extensive track, equipment and building library for use on your layout. New additions are made regularly and can be obtained from the customer web site at any time.

The following table lists the track libraries by manufacturer and scale. All Object Libraries are included with each copy of 3rd PlanIt.

Gm scale LGB
Micro Engineering
HO scale Atlas 100
Atlas 83
Fleischmann Profi
Märklin C
Märklin K
Märklin M
Micro Engineering
Peco 100
Peco 75
Pilz Elite
Shinohara 100
Shinohara 70
Shinohara HOn3
Walthers 83
N scale Atlas
Fleischmann Piccolo
Kato Unitrack
Micro Engineering
Peco 55
Peco 80
O scale GarGraves
S scale Gilbert Shinohara Sn3
Z scale Märklin  

There are selection of buildings from LASERkit, Walthers, DPM, Gloorcraft, Faller, Piko, Campbell and others to help you on your way. You can also easily design your own custom structures for a unique look.


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