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NY Signal drawn by 3rd PlanIt


NY Signal drawn 
3rd PlanIt by Walter Griffin

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New Customers

Purchase of 3rd PlanIt entitles you to download the program and free maintenance updates for two years. You will receive your serial number and the Customer Site URL via e-mail, generally within 24 hours of receiving your order. Response time on weekends and holidays may be longer. Please see bottom of this page for telephone, email and snail-mail information.

VISA, MC, Amex, Discover and PayPal accepted through PayPal secure payment processing.

Email notifications: Your confirmation email will contain your User Name and Serial Number when it is processed. The email contains links to useful sites, including the customer page containing complete download and version information. Because of these links, spam checkers will occasionally route this email to your Spam or Junk folder inadvertently. It is important that you add *@eldoradosoft.com or the domain eldoradosoft.com to your Safe Senders list! If you do not receive a confirmation in a reasonable time, please check your Spam/Junk folder. Please be aware that El Dorado Software is staffed by one individual, who writes the program and processes orders. There may be a delay of 1-2 days in some cases due to holidays or travel schedules. Typically your order is processed within 24 hours. I make every effort to ensure your satisfaction! If you are in question about your order, please call +1-916-382-9035 to get assistance.

Description Price To Order
3rd PlanIt
(Internet download)
US $124.95
Includes PDF documentation

Upgrades for Previous Customers

Purchasing 3rd PlanIt entitles you to two years of free updates from the date of purchase. When your original license expires you may purchase a 2-year upgrade license for a reduced price. Upgrades entitle you to an additional two years of released maintenance as well as a full release upgrade should one occur. If you wish to order a Backup CD and/or hard-copy documentation, choose those options from the table above.

Please include your current serial number with your order! Use the "Instructions to merchant" field when submitting your order on-line.


Description Price To Order
3rd PlanIt upgrade
(Internet download)
US $64.95
Includes PDF



El Dorado Software is dedicated to model railroading and is the owner's primary occupation. If you  have the ability to support 3rd PlanIt CAD, CNC fabrication of model railroad layouts, and overall advancement of our mutual hobby, please consider a donation. It will help keep the development tools state-of-the-art and let the author stay focused on model railroading with adequate income for the family. Thank you sincerely for your consideration! Randy

Master Training

    Master Training for 3rd PlanIt Users

El Dorado Software is now offering one-on-one Master Training for all registered users of 3rd PlanIt. You can spend time asking questions and getting pointers from the developer of the program, Randy Pfeiffer.

Unlike a manual, in Master Training you can ask questions and get answers pertinent to your situation. It doesn't matter whether you are a new owner or have worked with 3rd PlanIt for ten years, you'll be able to learn the information you need, quickly. Furthermore, since Master Training is actually a personal conversation, Randy can present things in terms familiar to you, in an style that makes sense for you, and in the order you'd like to learn.

The whole goal of Master Training is for you to learn how to use 3rd PlanIt quickly and get on with your real task - designing your new layout. Since you're receiving Master Training, you don't even have to crack open the manual. If you'd prefer to learn by doing rather than reading, we are happy to help.

Your satisfaction with Master Training is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with your training after the first 30 minutes for any reason whatsoever, just say so. We'll cheerfully refund your entire payment for training, regardless of how much training you originally purchased.


How It Works

You'll get the most out of Master Training using our secure Remote Control module to share your workspace with your trainer. We can both see each other's actions, learning subtle details and important points with nearly instant reponse at both ends. This is a custom module of TeamViewer: a reputable, proven tool 3rd-party that makes the most of our time. Click on the Remote Support icon above to load the module you'll need running on your computer.

You can purchase Master Training in one-hour increments. Master Training costs $50 per hour M-F 8-5 Pacific Time, or $60 per hour for Extended support that includes Saturdays and 8am-8pm Pacific Time. You can use an hour of Master Training in one session, or in chunks of 15 minutes as you require. However, it is necessary to manage time, so each training-related phone call counts for a minimum of 15 minutes. Should time run over by a few minutes, you won't be charged extra - your satisfaction is always our first priority!

Please note that all hour-long sessions and any weekend support should be scheduled in advance. As you may know, El Dorado Software is a one-man company, so it's quite possible that you won't get an answer outside of normal business hours if you haven't scheduled in advance. While we will do our best to provide Extended support on an as-needed basis, we do not guarantee avaiability outside of normal business hours without pre-scheduling.

Select the training option that's best for you. Place an order for support in one-hour increments using the Quantity field. Include your preference for the time and date of your training (or first training, if appropriate) and make sure your phone number is correct. We'll get back to you as soon as possible to confirm your appointment or to suggest alternatives. The primary contact will be through e-mail, but the telephone may be used as an alternate means of contact.

Master Training time is limited. Only a few hours per day can be allocated to Master Training, to allow continued development and support of 3rd PlanIt. While we will do our best to meet your preference, it may be necessary to work out an alternate schedule. If we can't make a schedule that works for you, your payment will be cheerfully refunded.

This is a no-risk opportunity to learn the inner secrets of 3rd PlanIt, or to come up to speed quickly using the tools you need first. We hope you'll enjoy your time!

Description To Order
Master Training


Randy's Private HO-scale Sale

I'm selling a selection of locos, rolling stock and structures, all in excellent, mint or NIB condition. Please visit this page.

Privacy Statement

Your personal information is held in the strictest of privacy. It is not shared with or sold to anyone in any way.

Ordering Information

International customers: El Dorado Software ships internationally three times per week, M-W-F. Orders must be received before 0600 Pacific Time (GMT-8) on an international shipping day, or shipment will occur on the next international shipping day.

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Please call El Dorado Software between the hours of 8am and 5pm Pacific Time. You can reach us by e-mail 24 hours a day.



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